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Why Become a Wags & Whiskers Giving Society Member- Give with a Purpose, Give All-Year-Round Make a Difference!
  • Unleash Consistent Joy: Your monthly support keeps the kibble coming, tails wagging, and whiskers twitching with excitement. It's like throwing a monthly celebration for our adorable buddies!
  • Superhero for Fluffiness: Imagine being the superhero every pet dreams of! Your monthly support ensures pets get the care they need without breaking the bank. You're their cape-wearing champion!
  • Preventive: Monthly giving is like giving pets a shield against health woes. Your support goes into preventive measures, ensuring our furry friends stay healthy and happy. No more sick days for them!
  • Sustainable: Monthly giving helps us plan for the future, ensuring a sustainable and ongoing impact. It's like planting seeds of love that grow into a forest of happy tails and purring hearts.

What you get in return for becoming a Wags & Whiskers Giving Society Member:
Receive Special Updates: Get ready for VIP updates on the lives you're touching. Heartwarming stories, charming before-and-after pics, and maybe a few adorable bloopers – your inbox will become a dose of joy from Paw Project of Georgia!
Fluffy Name Drawing: Get creative and help us name a litter of adorable kittens or puppies or possibly just one animal we rescue!
💡 Get Creative: Ever wanted to name a kitten "Captain Whisker-Wonder" or a puppy "Duchess Barkington"? Now's your chance! Let your imagination run wild!
🌟 Your Legacy in Action: Your chosen names will be forever etched in the hearts (and adoption papers) of these lovable critters. It's a legacy of love and laughter!

🐾Ready to make tails wag and whiskers twitch? Join our Wags & Whiskers Giving Society Today!🐾

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In Support of Paw Project of Georgia, Inc.
Providing Low-Cost Vet Services, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter, dental cleaning, and Rescue & Adopt. Formed in 2022 by a group of women who have over 110 years of combined knowledge in nonprofits and animal welfare.  

Our Mission: Making animal care accessible to all members of our community by offering diverse supportive programs for healthcare and placement for animals in need.


Helps provide preventive care and medicine for animals in our rescue and adopt program.



Provides litter for cats in our program for one month.



Covers vaccines and testing for one dog or cat and gets them ready for their fur-ever home.



Provides rabies vaccinations for seven dogs or cats.



Feeds dogs and cats in our program for one month.



Vaccinate and Microchip five kittens.